fanfiction recs

once again, writing out content first then actually making it look cooler later.

i wanted a place to gush about the fanfiction which i love, so here is my place to do just that. all of these writers deserve all of the kudos and praise i can give them.

there may be spoilers for the series in the descriptions, so i'd suggest playing the games in question before reading my recs for them.


cluster - couriernew

this fanfiction is heartachingly beautiful. it focuses on the aftermath one of OMORI's bad ends, which i adore because i find the bad endings of the game one of it's most thought-provoking parts. it's also from hero's pov, which is nice since he's a very complex characters.

all of the characters feel so very real, their grief so palpable and raw, their traumas so articulated. i adored it, a lot.

Rooftops and Regrets / Bygone Days and Bad Endings - kels_pet_rock

lumping them together, since bygone days is a sequel to rooftops and regrets. the former works perfectly well on it's own though!

another focusing on the aftermath of a bad ending, where sunny is rescued from the hospital roof by hero (who's pov it is). i loved the way that they all react, and the softer moments in bygone days are a joy to read. that one in particular plays into something i felt would be an issue- no matter what, sunny cannot just undo his mental illness... and that'll play very much into his interactions with others.


pushing daisies through your teeth - team effort

an angsty little piece about the letters wally recieves from may. the writer for this is one of my favourite fanfiction writers of all time- they're really good at considering little details and they have a special, solemn way of writing which expresses serious topics so well. this ones one of my favourites.