ended up not actually posting any diaries for a while, and so this went unused. considering the effort of actually making the layout (and some..extra parts), plus the archive of songs and summary, i'm placing it on the list anyway! archiving is important, and even the three paragraphs are a thought to preserve for the future. :]


i made this layout when i was actually planning to write something. i didn't end up actually writing anything out though, and so it's already the 27th without an update. i guess it's like that! ultimately, there's no point in forcing myself to write.

so... first, layout thoughts. i'm not entirely pleased with the layout since it's pretty much unfinished, but i think it works enough. i wanted a nostalgic tumblr theme kind of vibe, mixed with rainy day aetheticism. the yume nikki gifs kind of just slotted in, i chose the background and went from there. the gif makes me wonder if there's site backgrounds to be found in yume nikki though. i'll see!