wandering aimlessly, you stumble upon a forest nestled in a deep valley. it's a far cry from the unwelcoming stone your spaceship landed on- the landscape is smothered in flora unlike anything you've ever seen before.

kneeling under a nearby tree, you find your eyelids growing heavy. you lean into the gnarled bark- it feels almost soft, like a pillow.
a few minutes wouldn't hurt, right?

the next time you open your eyes, you have been placed in a different reality. the harsh black void has melted away- replaced with space junk swimming in a bright ocean of stars.

perhaps you should take a look around?

welcome to my shrine for the game OMORI, by OMOCAT. it is currently my favourite game, and this is my place to gush about it.

(be WARNED that most of these pages will have at least mild spoilers. i'll warn more for experience-spoiling spoilers on each page, but it may be worth reading these later if you intend to plan to play it in the future)