omori-related links

steam page - steam page for OMORI

omori-game - official promotional game page, includes tons of in-development images amongst other things

omori discord - main omori discord. i think it's awful except for the #deeper-well channel (which is where they delve into the game's code to find dissect things

twitter #omorifanart - the twitter tag serving as the best place to find omori fanart

omori sound team - soundcloud for the ost. nothing much is different, but it's interesting to see when they were posted.

beta content

the cutting room floor page - compiling the unused content in the game, though i believe it's still a WIP

omocat portfolio (2015?) - an older portfolio of OMOCAT, with a nice selection of older OMORI promotional art pre-kickstarter.

kickstarter (2014) - the kickstarter page, an interesting comparison to the current, much improved, state of the game.

omori's sketchbook (2013) - an old comic about omori's life in white space

OMORI - demo gameplay (2014) - a montage of old gameplay footage. lots of cut content

OMORI 2017 trailer - updated but still very different montage of old gameplay.

omoriboy (2011-2012) - web archive of the original omoriboy blog

omoricat (2011) - companion to the omoriboy blog from the pov of his cat, mewo


hawtpocketss' achievement guide - well formatted and written achievement guide- i suggest playing through without seeking achievements first.

OMORI discord progress doc - HEAVY SPOILERS- lots of details of the alternate route, save files, ect

diologue dump - dump of the game's dialogue, useful for finding the wording of things.

map dump - dump of the game's maps, including event locations. good for art reference!