kaomoji cat staring outside a window on a rainy day

hello, traveller! come on in, let's watch the rain together.


..my house is a little untidy right now, i apologise. but if you'd like to sit by the fire, you can dry yourself off.


no? that's okay then! here, take a seat. we get a good view of the window from here!

hey, do you want some music on? here's one of my favourites, if you'd like to give it a listen.

...i really appreciate the visit, you know. i don't get many people visit my little home. they say my address is "too hard to find", or that they "didn't even know i lived here." how rude!

..perhaps the solitude is nice in it's own way though. i don't have to worry about annoying neighbours, after all! it's just me and whatever wildlife i can see from my porch.

i'm really excited to head into the nearby forest once the rain has stopped. all the slugs and snails come out from hiding, and i get to watch them! i love seeing them go about their little lives.

isn't it incredible to think they're all living? that every one of those has thoughts, and perhaps some kind of primitive feeling. everyone is living their own lives, from the slugs on my porch to the people surrounding us on the train.

you have thoughts and feelings that i'll never know or understand, which is what makes you living. do you think snails have them too? i like to hope that they do, in a much more simple fashion.

...oops! i rambled a lot more than i intended there! it's just incredible to think about. do you feel the same?


hey, i'll let you get back home now. it seems that the rain is dying down. thank you again for visiting me! i hope we can see eachother again.

got your coat? excellent! here's the way out. follow the road, and you'll be back to society in no time. visit me again soon, okay? (´・ω・`)