favourite generators from mynoise.net

mynoise is a site i've used on and off for years upon years. sometimes i won't use it for months, other times i'll use it quite consistently... here's a list of my favourites

distant thunder (first drops)

thunder is one of the most comforting sounds to me, so naturally i'm very drawn to this one. i adore the ability to customize the stage of the storm.

rain on a tent (custom)

a very nostalgic sound. it's nice without thunder too, but i like thunder.

rain on a tent (less tent custom)

like above, but with less tent.

rain noise (jungle lodge)

the most classic rain noise.. pretty much every preset is nice in some way, but i like the low tones of this one.

primeval forest (distant stream)

the water with the birds is nice... i like this specific preset more as it's more low-key than default.

contemplation cave (default)

nice background noise for when you want something melodic without actually listening to music.

cave water (aqua pura)

pairs very nicely with contemplation cave.


the sound of home.