mayuri hoshida
the mangaka of laika no hoshi, the manga all of the mangapanels on my site are from. i highly recommend checking out her art.
studio/person(?) responsible for drawing omori on /spaceship/hull/.
i believe this guy made the gorgeous saturn ascii on /earth/main1.html! (with minor tweaks from me)
source of the background image on /saturn.html and /saturn.html.
source of the background image on /europa.html.
fernando jorge
source of the background image on /earth/.
source of the journal image on /satellite/.
andre benz
source of the background image on /satellite/march/.

neocities neighbours:

a very calm, blue art site. some introspective articles about social media and some nice paintings.
only an index and hidden page so far, but totono representation is always nice so i'm keeping the button
a gorgeously advanced and sleek site with a very good taste in kpop autoplay. :]
lots of anime oldweb feeling stuff. i love their oekakis a lot!
charming and stylish little diary site. i absolutely adore the design, especially on the front and about page.
adorably-styled toro inoue themed website. the log is my favourite page!
a gorgeously designed online diary with extremely solemn entries. check the cws before reading them.
grungy and dark personal site, the front page design is especially wonderful.
adorable, pixel-heavy site. i like their pages on liminal spaces and their system cottage a lot.
dr who fuelled personal site. there's a hidden poem on there called muses, and it hits very hard.
very calm diary site, with some good links about self-care and a reading log.
gorgeous little mini-site with a diary, music log and dynamic collage.
cool technology-focused personal site, with an old-windows-esque layout.

other neocities sites i appreciate:

very cool experimental website exploring the eventual decay of online media
impeccable vibes, minimal but gorgeous design. seize the day page and archives pages are especially worth the visit.
very talented artist, very very surreal vibes. wonderfully fucked up little ocs.
a tiny little distraction for if you're upset. very endearing.
it takes pictures
mostly just an about site and a list of cameras but the site design is absolutely gorgeous, especially the neon grunge of the index page.
the most asthetique in-browser OS style that i've seen. the ability to change the bg is neat!

pointless fun:

the longest poem in the world
site that matches up rhyming tweets to create collaged poems
pointer pointer
finds your pointer on your screen and then points to your pointer.
evolution of the scrollbar
iconic os scrollbars that you can interact with
check a box, then check a box, then check a box, then
cameron's world
a collage of gifs and text recovered from geocities archives. very well known but it'd feel wrong not to link it.
land lines
draw a shape and google will try find land which matches it on google earth
expansive online desktop based on windows 95, with absolutely tons to discover, play and do.

sound generators and radio:

the conditional orchestra
relaxing compositions generated by the current weather in a part of the world.
listen to wikipedia
soundscape generated by the live updates of wikipedia pages and users.
an expansive set of soundscapes with customizable frequences and lots of presets. (here's a page of my favourites)
cat purring sound generator.. you can change how vigorously it's purring and if you want the cat to meow.
drive and listen
watch a car drive around the city as a local radio station plays. i'm very fond of seoul's due to it's kpop station. :]
a musical time machine, listen to the historical music of different countries from the 1900s to now.
the eternal jukebox
choose a song and it will attempt to loop it endlessly by finding similar points in the song
sounds of the forest
an open-source library of forest sounds from around the world.
online tone generator
what it says on the tin- useful for visualising hertz
radio garden
listen to live radio from all over the world by moving around the globe.

site finders:

subreddit for unique, single-purpose websites. lots of sites on here were found through this!
700+ site strong list of links, with absolutely no sorting or order
geocities district-esque sorting for neocities sites
pointless sites
a sorted listing of sites with no practical purpose
myspace music and geocities mirror, with the bonus of having an image site preview (unlike most).
geocities mirror
search engine for classic web-style websites.
a searchable link directory, sorted by topic of individual pages
web design museum
archived older layouts of websites, searchable by style and era. very good for personal site inspiration!

other links:

space email
send and recieve messages from total strangers, with no way of replying or knowing why they sent what they did.
cast off messages into the void. some may resurface on the front page for a time. others will disappear permanantly.
very pretty and inspiring promotional page for the game OMORI. monochrome, 1px lines and pencil illustation.
really cool promotional page for the game katana zero, featuring a beautifully pixeled, interactable, tv setup.
random google maps location viewer, with the ability to filter by indoors/urban areas/certain countries

finding images:

free stock images, good for finding page backgrounds
another free stock image site
everyone on this site stans this site, but it would feel wrong not to include it. geocities gif search engine.
kind of like gifcities but for 2000s graphics, and easier to navigate.
spriters resource
spritesheets from a large depository of games. game sprites make good page accessories!
spriters resource
spritesheets from a large depository of games. game sprites make good page accessories!
nancy's place
old angelfire page with tons of oldweb backgrounds and dividers
a searchable link directory, sorted by topic of individual pages
the 88x31 collection
over 3000 88x31 buttons, spanning from old geocities sites to current neocities sites
oldweb but still updated shrine to cats, with an impressive amount of oldweb cat graphics
internet bumper stickers
thousands of banners with the same kind of humor and design you'd find in a meme your dad shares on facebook

image converters:

scanline crusher
distorts images with a scanline effect, used for some img hovers on site!
ai-powered image-> pixel art converter. it's not perfect and often messes up transparency, but it's very cool when it does work.
another art into pixel converter without tranparency issues (but with slightly less cool effects, imo)
ai gahaku
ai powered image - >painting converter. distinctively 'ai' looking, but still fun to play with.
tool that makes images dithered and crunchy and old. you can use different methods and swap the colour pallete.
my favourite website for gif making, dissecting, converting, ect. also for png->100% jpeg to dodge twitter crunch.
weird image glitching effects.
petalica paint
attempts to colour anime-style sketches and lineart. you can add colour hints to improve it
affine layer
attempts to turn your shoddy sketches into cats, bags, buldings or shoes.

web coding templates/freebies:

japanese site with some very pretty and cute free site templates
another japanese site with pretty site templates
free blogging site template that uses some scripts to simplify things
customized templates perfect for neocities. my favs are ~~garbage~~, solid shadow and dark header.
basic, uncustomized templates ideal for neocities
free javascript effects, some are a bit much but the cursor/text effects can be cute if used well.

misc web resources:

text to ascii art (patorjk)
convert text into a multitude of ascii fonts!
text color fader (patorjk)
generate a text gradient using span tags/font tags/minecraft 1.16 tags
add text to each line
have you ever had a long list of things you want to wrap in css tags? this will automate it for you.
fat fingers
search for something on ebay, and it'll attempt to find listings which were typoed and are therefore unknown.
crytype converter
make aall of your sentences sound like they w,eree written by a tumblr havin,,g a p,,anic attack aftt,,er sa..ying somethtii..nGry ciccstt